Chihuahuas branding named one of year’s best

el_paso_chihuahuas_logo_alternatesAnother award for El Paso… Brand New is the logo-reviewing arm of international design megasite Under Consideration. Shortly after the Chihuahuas’ name and logo were announced in October, Brand New’s chief critic Armin Vit, a defeño now based in Austin, wrote up a brief review of our new home team’s branding. Pithy quote:

“More like Chi-wow-a, am I right? … This is such a fun and ballsy set of logos.”

Indeed, of the many team identities unveiled last year, the Chihuahuas’ was the only one to make it to Vit’s best-of-the-year list announced today (at No. 5) — yet another testament to the positive view most people outside of the El Paso bubble have of what’s going on here. (Alas, the “It’s All Good” slogan made no such lists that I’m aware of.)


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